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Live Sound Engineering

Hire A Skilled And Experienced Sound Engineer To Operate Your Sound System

If you need a sound system operator to bring the best out of your sound system - this is the service for you.

Offered through JMH Sound Design are the live audio operation services of Josh Hamill. Josh is an experienced audio operator and technician who has worked as a sound engineer for many live music venues, as well as a Front of House engineer for various bands. His all-round knowledge of the skill of sound engineering ensures that he is able to extract everything out of any sound system.


Growing Bands

The perfect service for a band looking to take their sound further. Hiring an experienced FoH engineer gives you a consistent and advanced sound.

Live Music Venues

If you need a sound engineer to operate your live music venue’s sound system, we are able to help.

Event Managers

We offer live audio mixing console operation services along with generalised sound engineering for all events involving sound systems.


Our audio engineering service is one of detail, focus, passion, and commitment to ensuring the best possible audio quality and experience for your event. This service is defined as system operation during your event, this could be either Front of House mixing console operation, monitor mixing console operation, stage management and patching, or a combination of the three. If you are unsure of what is involved in this service, please see the provided FAQ section. 

This service is primarily conducted by our lead engineer Josh Hamill, who is a formally trained and practicing sound system designer, live audio technician, and operator with experience working in many different environments with different types of equipment. Through his skill, knowledge, and passion for providing great sound, Josh is able to extract every ounce of audio quality from the provided equipment for your event.

“I take pride in ensuring that any event I work on has the best audio quality possible. Be it mixing the front of house signal, or ensuring that artists are able to perform at the top of their game with crystal clear and precise monitoring, I always push myself to go beyond expectation and to make my performance at each event better than my last. I hope to be able to convey to you my passion through my commitment to maximising a sound systems full potential at your next event.”

– Josh Hamill

There is no downside to hiring an experienced sound engineer to operate a sound system for you. Working with us ensures that your sound system is put to good use. You will gain the advantage of having quality audio – everyone benefits! Having high quality sound ensures…

Musicians can perform at their best 

Clear, precise and personalised monitoring enables musicians to perform at their best.

Your crowd can fully appreciate your event

Whether a music concert, a corporate event, or a theatre show, a professional sound engineer can help bring your show to life.

People will remember your event fondly

Putting on a show with high quality sound brings people back to your events.

Choosing JSD means you choose to work with a professional who only settles for great sound, and will ensure that all of your requirements and expectations are met. We are sure that you will benefit from our live sound engineering services.


JSD live sound engineering services can range from simple system operation, to a combination of system setup, tuning, and subsequent operation. In a live scenario, this could look like the following:

Your sound engineer arrives at the venue and begins to prepare the sound system. After the sound system is prepared, they then begin to tune the sound system to the acoustic environment, as well as tune the stage monitoring system. Once this stage is complete, the stage can then be prepared based off of tech riders and documentation provided from the artist(s).

Your sound engineer will then be prepared to sound-check the sound system, along with the artist(s). Once the artist(s) and engineer are happy with the sound-check, your engineer will be prepared to operate the sound system throughout the live event. Once the event is complete, your engineer will assist with the pack down and removal of the sound system and equipment.



  • FoH means ‘Front of House’. This refers to the sound system responsible for projecting sound into the audience area – otherwise known as FoH.
  • Monitoring refers to the sound system installed for the purposes of allowing those on stage the ability to hear themselves and those around them. This sound system can be thought of as a singular sound system and subsequent mix for each artist or particular part of the stage.
  • Stage management refers to the role of setting up all audio components that are on stage. This can be arranging speakers, swapping microphones etc. This role also includes ‘patching’, which is ensuring all sound sources arrive at their intended destination through correct wiring (patching).

Josh is capable of operating a number of sound systems arranged from pieces of equipment from different manufacturers. Josh has had a large amount of experience operating:

  • D&B Audiotechnik speaker systems and processors,
  • RCF speaker systems and processors,
  • Midas M32 audio consoles and software,
  • Behringer X32 audio consoles and software,
  • Allen & Heath SQ series audio consoles and software.

Yes we do. We have a number of pieces of audio equipment ready for hire that you can check out on our equipment hire page.

"Josh Hamill of JMH Sound Design is an excellent operator when it comes to live sound. He has taken responsibility for live sound production on many and varied events in the Mansfield/Mt Buller district of Northeast Victoria since I met him back in February 2022. His ear for quality sound, his insistence on a clean, safe stage set up and his experience in digital and analogue sound equipment makes him a great asset to events of every size.
Rolf Koren
Owner of Mansfield Sound & Lighting

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Take your band to the next level

Bring out the best of your band, and the best out of every show you play. JSD offers all inclusive sound engineering for growing bands, including FoH and Monitor operation, equipment supply, and more…

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