JMH Sound Design

Live Sound Services

Sound engineering services for growing bands, event production companies, event managers, and more

Providing punctual, professional, and passionate sound engineering services for your live event.

Design and installation of a sound system fit for your event.

Skilled and experienced live sound operator and technician.

Equipment hire solutions for small-to-medium sized events.

We strive to provide you with a service that demonstrates expertise and professionalism.

Offered through JMH Sound Design are the live audio technician and operation services of Josh Hamill. We always aim to provide a professional and punctual service within any situation or scenario as we understand the importance of integrating into a larger team striving for a collective goal. You can depend on JSD to ensure all of your audio needs are met, met on time, met with passion, and met with sufficient skills, equipment, and knowledge.

We are here to make your event run smoothly. We hold ourselves to a high standard of work and aim to reflect our accountability within the services that we provide.

Using equipment manufactured by:

What We Do

System Design & Technician Services

We can design and install a sound system tailored to fit your venue, ensuring smooth operation.

Equipment Hire

JSD provides audio equipment hire solutions for small-to-medium sized events.

FoH & Monitor Operation

We offer live audio mixing console operation services along with generalised sound engineering.


Are you picking up success with your band and want to take your sound to the next level? The perfect place to start is through hiring a skilled and experienced Front of House engineer.

The Front of House engineering skills of our lead engineer Josh Hamill are exceptional, and capable of delivering you the sound necessary for a growing band. 

We offer sound engineering services that are all inclusive, not just for Front of House duties. With knowledge of all aspects of live audio, and access to the equipment necessary to run the sound of your band, your sound is in good hands with us.

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System Design & Technician Services

Do you need a skilled audio technician to design and install a sound system for your live event? If so, this is the service for you.


Audio Equipment Hire Solutions

Audio equipment available for hire appropriate for all small-to-medium live music and corporate events.


Live Sound Operator Services

Skilled and experienced sound engineer for live events. Capable of operating FoH and Monitor (stage) audio.

"Josh Hamill of JMH Sound Design is an excellent operator when it comes to live sound. He has taken responsibility for live sound production on many and varied events in the Mansfield/Mt Buller district of Northeast Victoria since I met him back in February 2022. His ear for quality sound, his insistence on a clean, safe stage set up and his experience in digital and analogue sound equipment makes him a great asset to events of every size.
Rolf Koren
Owner of Mansfield Sound & Lighting

Ready to take your live sound to the next level?

It’s easy! Contact us for a free consultation so we can find a service to suit your needs.

Acoustic Panels
New product
Acoustic Panels

It is with great excitement that we announce our new demo line of Acoustic Panels. Professional room treatment at affordable prices.

Recording & Production

Learn about the benefits of stepping into the studio with JMH Sound Design.

Mixing & Mastering

The definitive mixing & mastering service. Designed to exceed all expectations, giving you the sound you’ve been searching for.

Podcast & Dialogue Editing

Our podcast & dialogue editing service ensures that your dialogue remains clear, uninterupted, detailed, and professional.

Live Sound
Live Sound Services

Whether you’re looking for a live sound technician, or equipment hire, or both, we’ve got you covered.

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