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GUIDE - Foo Fighters Everlong Cover Mix

Its not everyday that you get to mix and master your favourite song. That day came for me (kind of; as close as it more than likely will). The lovely people over at Produce Like a Pro, who have been instrumental to my progress as an engineer with their exceptional content, had made my day and the week to follow with releasing a cover of Everlong by the Foo Fighters – providing all associated multi-tracks (but importantly leaving out a few nuances).

This cover featured the following musicians:

And in this iteration I will be sharing with you, you’ll have yours truly on clean guitar, distorted guitar (double tracking the main rhythm guitar), and vocals (the breakdown story vocals). I felt like this would be a good opportunity to go in-depth a bit more into my mindset when approaching a mix, along with giving some pointers on recording philosophy and how I as a mix engineer think about recording.

What you will learn:

This guide discusses recording philosophy, approaches to mixing a rock song, mixing tips relating to drums, bass, guitar, vocals, mixing philosophy’s and mindsets, and more…

Guide content:

  • From the top – Setting up your mix for success.

  • Beginning with Everlong – My approach.

  • Where do I begin? – Starting the mix.

  • Master the bass – my simple approach.

  • Massive guitars – what we all want, but struggle to achieve.

  • Everlong’s interesting vocals – make an impact with effects.

  • Background vocals – creating impact and interest.

  • Mixing with the mastering engineer in mind – visualise the final result.

  • Finishing up – final touches.

Mix Guide - Everlong Cover


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