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Podcast & Dialogue Editing

Elevate your projects quality with crisp and clear audio.

Does your dialogue...

Have unwanted noise such as clicks and pops?

Sound unbalanced, harsh, or unclear?

Have excessive background noise?

We've got the tools to fix that.

Using an array of professional dialogue editing tools including software and analog equipment, we can provide you with dialogue that is clear, balanced, easy to listen to, and clean. Having professional sounding dialogue is almost a necessity. The human ear is extremely perceptive of frequencies involved in the production of the human voice – as such, it is vital that your dialogue is not abrasive, that there are no irregularities to break your audiences focus.

We offer a comprehensive podcast audio editing service, along with generalised dialogue editing for various purposes. This service includes consultations offering you advice and guidance for your recording setup and method, specialised dialogue editing along with podcast audio mixing & mastering, and dialogue post-production treatment. These services will leave you with audio that allows you to stand out from the competition.

As you work to growth your podcasts success, partnering yourself with a professional dialogue editing audio engineer is a surefire way of improving the quality of your project and accelerating your success to new heights.

With the introduction of this service, we are looking for passionate artists and creatives who have a desire for perfect audio. We have a limited availability for the number of podcast and dialogue editing projects we can accept each month. For the first 5 customers we are offering special discounted pricing for all podcast & dialogue editing services, with massive savings to be had when combining our consultation service with any of the listed packages.

The Process

1 - Consultation

We discuss your project in depth, going over your expectations and needs. The more information provided, the better the result is likely to be.

2 - File transfer

You upload your files to a preferred file sharing service (We prefer Google Drive). We cover how to properly upload your files in the consoltation.

3 - Audio cleaning & repair

Your audio files are thoroughly and attentively checked over. All audio artifacts are removed, background noise minimised, and signal-to-noise ratio optimised.

4 - Dialogue mixing

Using a tried and true method that is flexible and easily adopted to any source of dialogue, your dialogue will be mixed to bring out each persons unique voice.

5 - Project master

Your project will be mastered to professional volume levels whilst maintaining clarity.

6 - Files delivered

Once a satisfactory sound has been achieved, you will be presented with the final file as a high fidelity .wav file, along with an MP3 version suitable for upload to most streaming platforms.

About The Service

Our Podcast & Dialogue Editing service is unlike most services available. Your audio is not going to be treated by a podcast production expert, it will be treated by an expert audio engineer who understands every aspect of audio production. By choosing JMH Sound Design, you are choosing an audio engineering service that specialises in the meticulous analysis and treatment of audio, especially dialogue. We care about being able to provide the most all-round service, ensuring that we fix your audio issues from start to finish. That is why we, unlike other services, want to form a connection with our client before commencing work as we believe it leads to better results. Our consultation service not only allows you to gain an in-depth understanding about how to correctly record your dialogue, it helps to build rapport, trust, and alleviates any concerns about the process.

What is included in our services? We offer:

  • Removal of unwanted phrases and mouth noise (Umms and ahhs, lick smacking etc).
  • Treatment of background noise and optimisation of signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Post-production dialogue mixing including equalisation, compression, expansion, and limiting.
  • Overall level balance between audio elements (different guests, background music, etc).
  • Mixing in your desired background, intro, and outro music, along with ad audio.
  • Removal of audio artifacts such as clicks and pops.
  • Mastering of your podcasts final audio mix to industry standard levels, ensuring clarity.

And of course, we offer our incredibly beneficial consultation service as a stand-alone service or as part of a package deal. To understand more about why our consultation service may be the avenue to your audio success here is an excerpt from our Recording & Production service page:

“The recording & production stage is the most important stage of any project, the quality of your project is heavily dependent on the quality of your initial recordings – and the quality of your initial recordings is heavily dependent on the quality of your recording engineer.”

With our consultation service, we set out to teach you in the ways of recording dialogue so as you can act as a proficient recording engineer.

Podcast & Dialogue Editing Packages

Basic Package

$80 $60
  • For audio up to 15 minutes in length
  • 3 revisions
  • Audio treatment & repair
  • 2 day turnaround
  • Audio mixing & mastering

Standard Package

$120 $80
  • For audio up to 30 minutes in length
  • 5 revisions
  • Audio treatment & repair
  • 2 day turnaround
  • Audio mixing & mastering

Advanced Package

$200 $120
  • For audio over 30 minutes in length
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Audio treatment & repair
  • 3 day turnaround
  • Audio mixing & mastering


$40/per hour
  • Learn how to record dialogue
  • Professional methods explained
  • Advice & guidance
  • 24/7 support
  • Earn discounts for other packages

Combine & Save!

Combine any of the above packages with our consultation service to save on costs by 10% in addition to the already discounted prices!

Additional Information


It’s simple! Send us the individual audio files of all of the different audio sources of your project. This would be the audio of individual voices, background music, intro & outro music, ad audio etc. This is covered in detail when you opt to begin work with us.

Yes, we do! This does, however, restrict the level of freedom available to edit and mix the audio, as the noise floor must not be tampered with in an uneven manner. The essential services are still applicable to audio synced with video.

The dialogue mixing process begins with a balance of the overall level of each speaker. Then a special formula of equalisation is applied. This brings out the characteristics of your voice that makes it unique. This is then followed by compression and limiting, along with negative expansion to stabilize the voice.

We discuss your recording environment and the equipment you use to record your audio. Suggestions are then made in regards to how you can go about improving the quality of your recordings; being mindful of your requirements, budget, and expectations. The consultation process is fairly free in terms of what is discussed, it exists to serve you and provide answers to your concerns and questions.

At JSD we have a trained audio engineer with an in-depth understanding of digital audio theory. This allows for true comprehension and an understanding of what processing needs to occur in order to bring out the full potential of recordings. The addition of the consultation service aims to address fundamental errors in recordings that are often ignored, and often cost clients more money for engineers to fix. We want you to create great recordings, it saves you money, and it also makes our job easier!

Terms and conditions:

  • All work will be carried out through the use of a contractual agreement. This ensures your protection as a client and allows you to clearly see our obligations to you.
  • Turnaround times depend on the circumstances of the project. Turnaround times listed on each package are reflective of a ‘perfect scenario’ where the client is immediately pleased with the result. Further revisions take time, as all work is carefully considered and the process is never rushed – this is so that you are never presented with a result that is inadequate.
  • All payments are requested to be paid through the use of invoices. You are obliged to provide an email contact so as these invoices can be sent securely to you. All information collected by us is protected in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Aus) and your information will not be used for any purpose outside of the project that is not approved by you.
  • If the package you have chosen provides ‘unlimited revisions’, this is so only within the timeframe of the project as listed in the contract. This timeframe can be negotiated and is designed to provide you with enough time to consider our work properly and wholly before the final mix is provided to you. You are entitled to request a revision outside of the project’s timeframe, but this will incur an hourly fee of $40.
  • 24/7 support is defined as unlimited contact at any hour of the day. If the engineer you are working with is available, your needs will be met promptly. 24/7 support is not defined as immediate support at any hour of the day. Our engineers do need sleep to provide you with the best work possible.
  • Turnaround times may alter due to random occurrences or disturbances with timetabling. In the unlikely event that your project is delayed, you will receive prompt notification. Turnaround times as listed on the packages are designed to provide you with the average and likely time it will take for us to process your request and complete the work required to provide you with a desirable outcome.
  • The ‘Advanced Package’ lists ‘for audio over 30 minutes in length’. The project lengths that this package caters to are between 30 minutes and 2 hours in length. Projects that exceed 2 hours in length will incur an additional cost of $40 per every 15 minute increase over 2 hours in length.
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