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Recording & Production

Move forward with your project with confidence – know that your sonic story will be captured perfectly.

You deserve an engineer who is...

Focused and attentive.

Understands how to get the best out of you.

Skilled and knowledgable.

We strive to provide you with an engineer who encapsulates the above qualities.

The recording & production stage is the most important stage of any project, the quality of your project is heavily dependent on the quality of your initial recordings – and the quality of your initial recordings is heavily dependent on the quality of your recording engineer. Our lead engineer Josh Hamill aims to offer you complete dedication to your project, finding ways to push you further – explore new avenues to audio perfection. 

“The recording process is where the project can truly make or break. It is vital that this stage receives every ounce of focus possible in order to achieve a sound that is desirable. My approach to this stage aims to nail the fundamental aspects of recording, whilst allowing for ways to explore different sounds without compromise. When choosing to record your project with me, I want you to feel confident that I too care just as much about the outcome as you do – the passion becomes equally shared.”

– Josh Hamill

The Process

1 - Pre-production begins

Every important piece of information that relates to your sound is collected and discussed. This information is then expanded upon with relevant research.

2 - Consultation

We discuss your project in depth, going over your expectations and needs. The more information provided, the better the result is likely to be.

3 - Demo recordings

To ensure you get the most out of your time (and importantly money), we prepare demo recordings and guide tracks for when you enter your chosen studio.

4 - Studio roadmap

A studio is chosen and booked. A roadmap is created that outlines what the itinerary is for each day.

5 - Recording sessions

Recording commences as set out in the ‘studio roadmap’. During this stage we set out on capturing every aspect of your project.

6 - Final multi-tracks

Once satisfactory recordings have been achieved, you will be presented with the multi-tracks as high fidelity .wav files.

Our Recording Philosophy

What exactly separates two different recording engineers? Is it the knowledge, or skill, perhaps their personality? Or is it a combination? We would hazard a guess to say that it is indeed a combination. The recording process is essentially a band audition – you are inviting another person to join your project momentarily… and that is extremely important. If you are a solo artist, you are creating a new dynamic – collaboration; you are inviting in another person to share your passion and work, your undeniable effort.

Are recording philosophy heavily focuses on a mutual benefit and understanding, but in terms of psychology rather than outright knowledge and skill. Before commencing work on a recording project, it is vital that all team members simply get along, this comes first before anything else. A friendly and understanding environment presents the best opportunity to fully explore your artistic capabilities, and this highly depends on how personalities connect and work with one-another. The knowledge, skill, and amount of practice of an engineer is all important up until a certain threshold where the former attributes have diminishing returns. A lot of what makes certain ‘great’ recordings ‘great’ is experimentation, not so much know-how. Do you seem to notice that most bands/artists tend to go back to the same producer/recording engineer? Would you return to work with someone who you don’t really get along with?

As such, it is important that you learn all the details about our recording engineer Josh Hamill – allowing you to gauge accurately how you may collaborate, and if you will get along…

Hi there prospecting artist, I’m hoping that this approach of mine is refreshing and interesting. I really do believe that how we get along is of top priority, and that all my knowledge and skill plays second fiddle to this. I don’t think it really matters if I know an old trick in terms of microphone placement, or know secrets about certain pieces of equipment or how famous sounds were achieved if we just can’t get along. So, I want to be entirely truthful to you. I will not sugar-coat anything or frame myself in a certain manner that is untruthful to my character, as in the end, you most likely won’t be satisfied if I have tricked you into thinking we will cooperate with ease.

I am a very focused person, who is also quite unfiltered in honesty (for good and bad). I enjoy exploring ideas, but can get very ‘one-sighted’ and determined, so sometimes it can be hard for me to drop an idea. Collaboration is extremely important to me, but when discussing idea’s or topics, I need to have a full grasp of what you are proposing, or I may wrongfully disagree with you without having full comprehension. I can sometimes be quite assertive in a collaborative environment; I have a strong sense of direction in terms of projects and how to sequence objectives to achieve the end goal. This can be highly beneficial to people who thrive off of being nudged in a certain direction, but could lead to conflicts of interest where there are others who also think like me. In situations relating to the former, I wilfully resign my proposition as the engineer, and understand completely that in the end – I am serving you. With this dynamic, all you need to do is say “Josh, shut up, let’s do it this way”, and as such we will go down the rabbit hole of your idea.

So, to hopefully wrap things up in a conclusive manner, I am very objective based, focused, honest, and dedicated – but sometimes stubborn and serious. Don’t think that my downsides are set in stone, nor think that of my positive aspects. If you really want to know if we will collaborate well together, get in touch! 

In order to give you the best idea of if you will collaborate well with us, we offer the first two steps of the recording & production process completely free of charge.

Josh Hamill is the leading engineer and founder of JSD. His passion for audio and enabling others to achieve their goals inspires him to always search for ways to better himself and his craft.

Through formal training, and a generalised lifestyle surrounding sound engineering, Josh is equipped with an array of knowledge and skills relating to audio recording & production. He has acquired these skills in hope that he is able to help bring to life people’s ideas – to be able to help everyone get the great sound that they deserve.


Pricing is on a project basis. This is calculated by the amount of time required to be spent on the project, the chosen studio, and your budget. Pricing for 1 day of recording can be averaged at $200 for engineer costs, and the cost for hiring your desired studio for the day. If you require certain additional equipment, the cost of hire will also be added onto the overall fee. Your budget heavily impacts what can be achieved – this is the unfortunate way of the world. However, we are open to discussing pricing, and are able to be flexible.

We believe a ‘per day’ method of calculating costs offers the most fairness to all parties within the transaction. We favour this over an hourly rate and a quoted amount, as the uncertainty of a project can either lead to working long hours, or additional days; this can lead to increased costs using an hourly rate method, and can also lead to unfairness if the length of the project significantly increases when using a quoted amount method. Efficiency is prioritised during the recording process when time and money are on the line – that is why we place a heavy emphasis on planning and executing the basics before seeking to expand upon risks and unknown variables. This ensures that we can present you with recordings that are of exceptionally high quality without spending an increased amount of time (and thus money) on re-recording ideas that did not quite work out. This service is all about meticulous planning and flawless execution. This saves you money and potentially allows you to either decide to continue to expand upon your sound and ideas in the studio, or to place this excess budget into another aspect of your project such as post-production.

What can be achieved is completely dependent on your budget, and what you can expect to pay also depends on the amount you are willing to pay for the desired work. So, to truly know how much you should expect to pay, please contact us for a free pre-production assessment and consultation.

"Josh is excellent, and working with him was an absolute pleasure. He really goes above and beyond expectations - digging deep to fully understand who you are as an artist/band as well as the sound you wish to create with your work. Throughout the process of recording and mixing Josh did an exemplary job of making sure he did not stray from the sound and emotions we wanted to convey through our music. He was always open to hear the ideas we put forward and was able to adapt to these brilliantly offering us the opportunity to have a very flexible and fluent workspace."
Adam Perera

Additional Information


The pre-production stage of the process involves collecting as much information about you as possible. This information would be anything that can assist your engineer in understanding your sound, and how to translate it into a Digital Audio Workstation. For example, this information could be your equipment, influences, sitting in on band rehearsals, watching you play live, equipment that you favour, etc. The more time you spend with your engineer before production begins, the more they will be able to understand you and vice versa.

Anywhere you want! The process is fairly simple, and the quality of the recordings don’t have to be exceptional – they simply need to serve their purpose, and that is to guide you in the formal studio recording sessions. Your engineer will put together a mobile recording setup and travel to the location of your choosing.

Yes, it is recommeneded. Having an engineer see you through all aspects of your project allows for them to tailor make your sound and carry over an in-depth understanding into further stages of post-production. This may even eventuate in less work, as your engineer will record with the final sound in mind.

No, we are more concerned about having you in a studio that you are comfortable in. Our setups are flexible and mobile, meaning that although we may have equipment preferences, we are not restricted by what the studio you choose has to offer.

Terms and conditions:

  • All work will be carried out through the use of a contractual agreement. This ensures your protection as a client and allows you to clearly see our obligations to you.
  • All payments are requested to be paid through the use of invoices. You are obliged to provide an email contact so as these invoices can be sent securely to you. All information collected by us is protected in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Aus) and your information will not be used for any purpose outside of the project that is not approved by you.
  • Due to the nature of this service, you are required to pay for the cost of studio and/or equipment hire before commencing work. This is outlined in the contractual agreement.
  • You are required to be prepared for your time in the studio. It is our obligation to you that we are prepared to spend your time and money wisely – how you use your time and money is not reflected upon us. If you are not present at a booked studio session, you will be charged for that session.
  • You are entitled to cancel this service at any point through the duration on the process. However, this does not exempt you from your financial obligations to us. You will be required to pay for any hire fees and engineering fees that are outstanding.
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